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The EU Blue Card

Basic Information

The EU Blue Card is a residence title for special purposes, given residence permits in Germany in this form since 2012.

It is intended to facilitate immigration of highly qualified third-country citizens to Germany. It also helps to make the local labour market more attractive to well-educated employees and counteract the shortage of skilled workers. The EU Blue Card is addressed to persons from third countries, who have not the citizenship of any EU state.

Legal Basis and Requirements

The requirements for the EU Blue Card are widely stated in the German Residence Law. The Requirements are as followed:

· Completed University Education: if this education is not obtained in Germany, the university education must be accepted, or it has to be similar to a German completed university education

· Employment Contract or Binding Job Offer

· Minimum Gross Salary: there is no need for an approval of the German Federal Employment Office if a certain level of income reached or is offered. This year’s salary is EUR 53.600,00. There is an exception for professions like IT-specialist or physicians, stated with EUR 41.808,00 as off 2019.

Validity of the EU Blue Card

The Blue Card is issued for the duration of the employment contract plus three months, but for a maximum of period of four years. An extension is possible if the preconditions are met. A change of job within the first two years of the employment must be notified to the competent immigration authority, who in turn issues their written consent.

Advantages of the EU Blue Card

Ø Fast track to a settlement permit: as a holder of an EU Blue Card in Germany you can apply for a permanent national residence title. The requirement is to be in a highly qualified employment for 33 months and having simultaneously paid into a retirement scheme. Persons who can prove adequate knowledge of German (Level B1) can apply for a settlement permit after 21 months already.

Ø Mobility in- and outside the EU: when having an EU Blue Card for at least 18 months you are allowed to enter another EU Member State without any visa for the purpose of highly qualified employment and apply for the EU Blue Card there within one month. Given this advantage to your family members as well. Further the EU Blue Card holder can stay up to 12 months in a non-EU-country without losing his residence title, this fact applying for the family members as well.

Ø Family Reunification: Spouses might be granted a residence permit even if they do not have any knowledge of German prior to entering the country. Furthermore, spouses are immediately entitled to take up dependent or independent employment without any restrictions.


Ø If you are already living in Germany under a different residence title: contact your immigration authority responsible for the place of residence

Ø Living in non-EU-countries: apply first for visa with purpose of employment in Germany at competent German Embassy in home country. After arriving in Germany apply for EU Blue Card before visa expires (the Embassy will give short term visa for coming to Germany and applying for the Blue Card).

Ø Third country nationals with EU Blue Card from another EU Member State: working in Germany is possible after 18 months, application must be submitted at local immigration office within one month

How we do help?

O.Law provides legal advice and issues the documents needed for it’s clients when applying for the EU Blue Card. By nature there are many questions before applying for such a visa. The German offices are known for their bureaucratic and sometimes not easy procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of needing assistance.

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